civil/environmental engineering specializing in water, wastewater, and water resources

​​Matteo Engineering & Consulting, LLC

Our past and present clients include municipalities and other public agencies, construction contractors, land conservancies, and private businesses. We often collaborate with other engineering firms on large projects, serving as the prime engineer or subconsultant to other A/E firms. Some of our recent clients include:

  • City of Frankenmuth, Michigan
  • Several other Michigan municipalities
  • Other civil engineering and architectural firms in Michigan
  • Construction contractors throughout Michigan
  • Residential and commercial developers throughout Michigan
  • Private homeowners and businesses
  • Mercedes-Benz of Novi, Michigan
  • Suburban Collections, Michigan
  • ​Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • ​University of Michigan Athletic Department

MEC provides engineering consulting services for a wide range of water, wastewater, and water resources related infrastructure projects. Some of the professional engineering services for which we are known include: 


  • Water distribution/transmission system modeling and analysis using WaterCAD and EPANET, among others
  • Water Master Plans
  • Water Reliability Studies
  • Water supply booster station analysis and design
  • Low pressure monitoring and hydrant flow testing
  • User rate studies


  • Expert witness services
  • Wastewater collection system modeling and analysis utilizing EPA-SWMM5, XP-SWMM, and InfoWorks ICM
  • Evaluation and design of SSO and CSO control facilities including storage, transport, screening and disinfection
  • Wastewater collection system design
  • Wastewater Master Plans and related regional studies
  • Study and design of flow control facilities in sewers for use during construction
  • Preparation of Operations & Maintenance manuals and staffing plans
  • Assistance with implementing Asset Management Plans


  • Watershed Management Plans
  • Drainage studies and hydrologic modeling and analysis using HEC-HMS and other programs
  • Stream modeling using HEC-RAS and other related programs
  • Flood studies and floodplain permitting with local, state and federal (e.g., USACE and FEMA)
  • Design of flood control facilities including levees, flood walls, and dams
  • Streambank stabilization design
  • Green Infrastructure design
  • Scour and sediment transport calculations